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Hypertrichosis is an abnormal amount of hair.  It is usually due to abnormal conditions brought about by disease or injury.

Superflousous hair, excess hair which is NOT abnormal for a person, but is simply undesirable socially.

Two local factors, either together or individually, have the capacity for directly initiating or accelerating the growth of hair:

One is increased blood supply; the other is hormone stimulation.  Increased blood supply merely nourishes existing hairs.

Hormone stimulation tends to follow a normal pattern of appearance in the axillary and public regions, on the face and lastlly

the chest.  These areas have the highest potential, that is, the highest sensitivity to hormone stimulation.

In most cases, hair problems usually surface during puberty, pregnancy or menopause in women.

Two reasons that hair can become more coarse and large in diameter, is through tweezing and waxing.  The root

system becomes like a tree root.  The BEST possible permanent hair removal is ELECTROLYSIS.  Electrolysis has

been the only PERMANENT method of hair removal for over 100 years.