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Correct Electrolysis is NOT causing over treatment signs. These being blistering, bleeding, soreness, and lots of redness. This is called OVER TREATMENT. Correct Electrolysis is maybe a slight pinkness on the area that was treated, which goes away in a very short amount of time. SEVERE PAIN is NOT necessary in order to get proper treatment of the Hair Papilla. Cataphoresing is a must after each treatment. If you are having PAIN during treatment, let the Electrologist know and stop the treatment!

ALWAYS have a THROUGH consultation. Some of the most important questions that you can ask an Electrologist is “where did you go to school”, and did you graduate from that school. Where is your diploma/Certificate. Second question: how long have you been in practice. Third question: are you a member of the American Electrology Association. (Always check the reviews of a business.) (Ask for references, if you think necessary.)