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5 Major factors contibute to the growth of excess hair.


*Racial Characteristics

*Glandular Disturbances and Systemic Changes


*Topical Influences


Glandular disturbances or systemic changes are primarily tied to the endocrine system which controls our normal growth and development. Many endocrine glands manufacture hormones directly related to hair growth. If there is an imbalance in production of these hormones, excessive hair growth can occur. At this time a women can often be helped by the “two-pronged” approach where an electrologist and an endocrinologist(a medical specialist who treats disorders of the endocrine glands) work together to eliminate the problem. Electrolysis treatments along with medication can end unwanted hair, even in the most challenging cases.

Some normal systemic changes can also contribute to unwanted hair growth.  Puberty, pregnancy and menopause.

Medications can cause unwanted hair growth.  Some of these are cortisone and high blood pressure medications, and a variety of other medications.  I have a listing of potential contributors to hair growth that I discuss with clients at the time of their consultation.