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PLEASE book appointments by calling 651-636-4049. I am the TOP Electrologist & Wellness person in the Twin Cities, I have limited amount of time and want to make sure we connect. Thank you!

Home Herbalist Level 1 & 2

I completed my Home Herbalist Level 1&2 on May 12, 2020. This program took me one year to complete. Certificates will be going up on my website soon. Posted on: 1/26/2021


"Thieves" is a must in warding off viruses. If you wonder how to get this oil, call me at: 651-636-4049.

Healing segment – First week

Make SURE you know where whatever you are putting in your body is sourced from......There are many locations, countries that are not regulated by any health agency, and that could be harmful to your body. I suggest getting the DVD called Secret Ingredients and learn...

Health, Wellness, Physical & Mental

For this week I have 2 tips. When doing your (daily) exercises.....I recommend on-line, ("Grow Young Fitness.com), that you breath at least 8 in deeply out deeply breaths. Take your time and make sure you doing the breathing slowly, as what happens it that the muscles...

Healthy Tips for this week! 1/23/2020

This weeks tips are #1 drink at least 60 ounces of "Clean" water a day. I drink "Mountain Valley". #2 Get outside at least once every day. If you are not getting any sun.....purchase a "Happy LIght". Any questions on which one should I purchase or where do I order it,...